Choose health, not poison

Tackling lead poisoning under chemicals regulation REACH: Processes are underway in the EU and UK to transition away from toxic lead ammunition and fishing weights.

Let’s #BanLead

Bearded vulture

More than a million birds poisoned to death every year in the EU

A significant cause of mortality for Europe’s most iconic and threatened birds of prey and vultures. The poisoning continues despite effective and reasonably priced non-toxic alternatives on the market.

Non-toxic ammunition benefits us all

People. Wildlife. Soils. Food safety. A sustainable future for hunting, the economy, supporting the European Green Deal.


You can help achieve this

Support the EU and UK REACH processes to ban lead ammunition and fishing weights.

You wouldn’t have lead in your petrol or paint, so why have it on your land, in your water and in your food? It’s time lead ammunition and fishing weights were consigned to history to make way for a cleaner, healthier world.

“You have the power to ensure that hunting remains sustainable, and its toxic legacy is reduced.”

Angus Middleton, Ex-Secretary General of FACE