Previous REACH restriction on lead shot in wetlands

The successful first step

Briefings. Media. Expert voices.

The EU is tackling the problems caused by lead ammunition in two phases.

In January 2021 the first phase was successful with the EU passing into law a restriction on the use of lead gunshot in wetlands.

See Regulation 2021/57.


Key briefings for the wetland restriction


Rebuttal to Objection to proposal (for Plenary).

European Commission's rebuttal to Objection text (for Plenary).

Hearing from the experts

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Experts urge your support

Jacques Trouvilliez, Executive Secretary of the African Eurasian Waterbird Agreement, reflects on the need for regulation 20 years of after the original 2000 deadline.

Key references

The European Scientists, medics and veterinary health experts’ open letters on lead ammunition and need for transition to non-toxic alternatives.

European Hunting Experts – their factsheet on Alternatives to Lead Ammunition – Sorting Fact from Fiction.

Special Issue of journal Ambio from 2019 on all aspects of lead ammunition from toxicology through practicalities, economics and policy.

Oxford Lead Symposium 2015 proceedings.

Open letter to MEPs from the Green 10, a group of leading environmental NGOs.

On Twitter

On social media, we asked people to share a picture, painting, photo or any kind of symbol of a swan to urge MEPs to support the ban on lead shot in Europe’s wetlands > Share a swan campaign