The future is brighter and healthier without lead shot in wetlands.

We all have the health of ourselves and our planet on our minds, and the fact that they are inextricably linked has never been clearer. It’s hard to think of a better example of a One Health issue than the poisoning caused by lead ammunition.

We encourage Members of the European Parliament to use this hub to learn more about why we need to restrict use of toxic lead ammunition.

This should not be a complex issue and the solution has never been simpler. The current proposal to restrict lead shot in wetlands is an essential first step to a toxic-free future.


"I think it’s absolutely essential in a modern society that you change as time moves on and you get more knowledge. I mean, lead is not on anymore, it is outdated, we should change it the sooner the better."

Frank Vigh-Larsen, Danish hunter

The lead ammunition hub

On this site, you will find resources related to lead ammunition and its toxic effects, along with the practical and policy solutions.


The issue

There is no safe level of lead exposure. The evidence on impacts of lead ammunition on health of people, wildlife, livestock and the wider environment is overwhelming.


The solution

Lead shot is totally banned for hunting in Netherlands, Denmark and Flanders – their hunting remains healthy. Find out how shooting communities can transition to non-toxic ammunition.



What you need to know about the restriction proposal on lead shot in wetlands. Together with the broader policy initiatives on regulation of lead ammunition.



Find resources about non-toxic ammunition and hear the voices of those dealing directly with the issue from the viewpoints of health, hunting, policy, food safety and markets.