It took regulation to remove lead from petrol, paint and pipes. It will take regulation to remove it from ammunition. 

By the time the African Eurasian Waterbird Agreement (AEWA) set a legally-binding deadline for phase out of lead shot in wetlands in the year 2000, the problem of lead poisoning had been known about for over a century. 

20 years after this initial deadline there has been a suite of multinational agreements to phase out lead ammunition altogether including the:

The REACH proposal – why it's needed

The most important restriction process to date is that under the EU chemicals regulation REACH to restrict use of lead shot in wetlands.

Rebuttal to Objection to proposal (for Plenary).

European Commission’s rebuttal to Objection text (for Plenary).


Wider restriction

The second restriction proposal under REACH to address lead ammunition in wider environments began in 2019.

Experts urge your support

The objection – designed to delay progress

This wetlands restriction proposal:  

  • Is essential to reduce poisoning 
  • Harmonises the patchy and absent restrictions in the EU 
  • Has been rigorously assessed by ECHA, RAC, SEAC and the Commission
  • A step towards a non-toxic future and supports the European Green Deal

Resistance to change was to be expected. 

"Clearly an EU-wide harmonised approach is long overdue. I strongly encourage all Members of the European Parliament to take this extremely important step for the environment and to consign lead shot in wetlands to history"

Jacques Trouvilliez, Executive Secretary of AEWA.

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