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Non-toxic ammunition benefits all – for policy makers explaining issue and hearing from Danish hunters.

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Dead by lead – explaining of the issue featuring Prof. Rafael Mateo and Martin Hojsik MEP.

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Otto Goes Non-toxic – animation to explain the need for regulation of lead.

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Flight of the Swans and the Danish hunters – from the Flight of the Swans project hearing the Danish experience.

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AEWA interview on lead poisoning

Planet Pod podcast discussing the issue including food safety and retailing of game meat.

Hearing from the experts

John Gregson, Communications Manager, CSR, Health & Agriculture, Waitrose supermarkets, explains the need to remove lead from the food supply chain

Transitioning to non-toxic ammunition – a positive experience for Danish hunters

Professor Debbie Pain, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Cambridge, explains the impacts of exposure to lead in ammunition on human health

Non-toxic ammunition is effective – a hunter’s perspective

Key references

The European Scientists, medics and veterinary health experts’ open letters on lead ammunition and need for transition to non-toxic alternatives.

European Hunting Experts – their factsheet on Alternatives to Lead Ammunition – Sorting Fact from Fiction.

Special Issue of journal Ambio from 2019 on all aspects of lead ammunition from toxicology through practicalities, economics and policy.

Oxford Lead Symposium 2015 proceedings.