The solution

It is in every hunter’s best interest to switch to non-toxic ammunition"

European Hunting Experts

The use of lead ammunition means hunting cannot be considered sustainable. The move away from lead is not anti-hunting, it is advocated by health professionals and food retailers and importantly those wanting to sustain hunting – not stop it.

Non-toxic ammunitions – shot and bullets – work

Field trials and experience have shown no difference in the efficacy of non-toxic shot. It is efficient, equivalently priced and widely available because the ammunition manufacturers have responded to hunters’ needs. Guaranteed markets for manufacturers created by regulation on lead ammunition will drive innovation further.

Lead shot use is totally banned for hunting in Netherlands, Denmark and Flanders – their hunting remains healthy.

The benefits of non-toxic shot

Prevents 1,000,000 waterbird deaths per year in Europe 

Protects raptors and scavengers

Supports cleaner soils and plants

Stops the toxic legacy

Protects human health

Safeguards game meat markets

Promotes sustainable hunting

Protects the image of hunting in a modern society

Supports the European Green Deal

Guidance from the hunters themselves

FACE has produced good guidance on use of non-toxic ammunition.
Find it here.

The European Hunting Experts explain why change is now entirely possible.
See their factsheet here.

“We know and appreciate that lead is ballistically attractive, that hunters are familiar with it and that the gun and ammunition industry have built up to use and supply it. However, the wide availability of effective, safe and affordable alternatives means that it can no longer be acceptable from the perspective of ecological and human health and ultimately our collective vision for sustainability”.

European Hunting Experts

Transition to non-toxic shot requires policy